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How does a carrier differentiate one customers traffic from that of another?
What information is used to separate VLANs on a VLAN trunk that connects multiple VLANs?
The method by which Ethernet frames are associated to a specific VLAN is referred to as:
Which of the following describes the behavior of the switch when a broadcast frame is received on port 1?
What is required if devices on different VLANs wish to communicate with each other?
Which of the following is a feature of a VLAN?
What problems was Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) primarily designed to solve?
What type of network is a broadcast storm likely to occur?
Which technologies can be used with Ethernet switches to achieve redundancy?
What is the behaviour of a typical Ethernet switch when it receives a frame with a unicast destination MAC address?
What happens immediately after an Ethernet switch receives an Ethernet frame?
Which of the following best describes an Ethernet bridge?
How many broadcast domains are on this LAN?
What is the first thing to happen when Host A and Host B begin transmitting data at the same time?
How many broadcast and collision domains are on this LAN?
What will happen if the total operational links in the LAG is 2?
What must occur for a LAG to become operational?
Which of the following is a File command in the File System context of the Command Line Interface (CLI)?
What is available for auto completion of commands within the CLI on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR Service Router?
What command can you issue to view this information?
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