Exam IREB: Certified Professional For Requirements Engineering Questions & Answers

Which of the following statements implies the greatest risk for the requirements engineering?
Which of the following statements best characterizes the relationship between a requirements engineer and a stakeholder in the role of a tester?
Which sentence best characterises the term "stakeholder"?
What diagram is least suited for the representation of the delimitation?
Which category is this so?
Which particular characteristic of the requirements will facilitate the work of the test manager significantly in this respect?
What is the most precise definition of a sentence-template as used for requirements?
Which of the following class diagrams best shows this student-lecturer relationship?
What model element most accurately describes the relationship between invoice and invoice items?
Which answer best describes its prospective modelling elements?
Which of the following statements is correct for this flow?
Which of the following means of expression is least suitable to document the details of a single use case?
What is the best way for you to react to this situation?
How do you handle conflicts in projects best?
Which of the following criteria is not a sensible criterion for prioritization?
Which definition best characterizes the term "traceability" in terms of requirements engineering?

What are your thoughts about this?
Indicate true or false for the following statements in order to complete the sentence beginning "The definition of technically relevant terms …"
CORRECT TEXT Evaluate the following guidelines as to whether they should or should not be adhered to when writing a requirements specification:
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