Exam CTAL-TA_SYLL2012_UK: ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Analyst (Syllabus 2012) Questions & Answers

What is the BEST option regarding the level of detail and documentation required for test cases in the project?
Which of the following criteria on test progress would enable the business to determine a likely ‘go live’ date?
Which of the following metrics would be MOST appropriate to use to monitor product quality?
Which of the following tasks and responsibilities do NOT belong to that of a test analyst in the context of evaluating exit criteria and reporting?
What is the MOST important reason why test conditions should be understandable by stakeholders?
Which of the following activities is NOT expected to be performed by the test analyst?
Which of the following statements is TRUE with respect to when the test analyst should become involved during different lifecycle models?
Which of the following is a type of testing that someone in the role of a test analyst, working with the test manager, should typically consider and plan for?
Which of the following is a typical work product that the Test Analyst would deliver as part of the test closure activities?
Which of the following is a product risk that could be identified for such a system?
Which of the following is the LEAST appropriate action to mitigate product risks for a web application?
Which of the following would be the MOST effective method of communication between test team members who are distributed across several time zones?
Which one of the statements hereafter best characterizes a test design tool?
How many test cases are required using the classification tree method?
Which of the following BEST explains the use of cause-effect graphing?
How do user stories and testing relate in an agile project?
How many test cases will be needed using the pair wise testing technique and the appropriate 2- wise orthogonal array?
What is the correct order of the above mentioned process steps?
How many test cases will be needed to achieve minimum coverage?
How many test cases will be needed to achieve full coverage both for valid and invalid situations?
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