Latest Tech Questions and Answers

Which of the following is a common feature of the Front Controller plugins and ActionHelpers?
Which method is used to store the cache records into a SQLite database?
Which method is used to clear or invalidate a particular cache ID?
Which property is used to operate the memory object data?
Which multiple resources can be added?
Which of the following is used to encode lines starting with one dot or two dots so that the mail does not violate the SMTP protocol?
Which of the following resource objects is used to support Zend_Acl?
Which inheritance does Zend_Acl support among Resource objects?
Which of the following keywords is necessary for all the switch statements?
Which of the following is allowed in the function declaration only?
Which one?
Which method can be used to determine whether text within a source file has been translated in Zend_Translate?
Which function is used to take a locale string as a parameter and set a new locale?
Which component is used to offer an API to manipulate dates and times?
Which queries were processed by the adapter?
Which of the following allows a user to store the configuration data in a familiar INI format?
Which of the following is designed for accessing and using the configuration data within applications?
Which method is used to load a PHP file that may contain any PHP code?
Which of the following methods is used to associate multiple filters and validators, apply them to collections of data, and retrieve input values?
Which of the following is known as Request Object?
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