Exam 220-601: CompTIA A+ Essentials (updated April 10th, 2014) Questions & Answers

Which of the following are SCSI types that allow for 16 devices, including the adapter, to be connected on a single shared cable?
Which of the following is the SCSI ID number generally recommended for the CD-ROM?
What do you call the part of a CD-ROM drive’s head assembly that moves across the disk to read it?
How will you reply?
A Certkiller .com trainee asks you what the advantages of a 3 inch disk drive would be to: (Select TWO).
What will you answer him?
Where on a hard drive is data stored?
What are the advantages attached to using a 3 inch disk drive?
Which percentage of the hard drive space is reserved for the master boot record (MBR) and file system markings?
Flash memory technology is used for the operation of:
How will you check for fragmented files on your hard drive?
Which of the following is used as internal hard drive interfaces?
How would you go about regaining the use of an older driver on a Windows XP computer?
Which permissions will be available to you when an NTFS formatted external hard drive is attached to your computer?
(Refer to Exhibit)
Which of the following BEST describes the difference between the "baby" AT and ATX motherboards?
What is clock speed of the AGPx8 expansion slot?
Where on the following exhibit would you insert Random Access Memory (RAM)?
Which of the following components on the motherboard usually house the IDE connectors?
When a technician upgrades firmware on a motherboard he has to ______.
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